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Yahoo Finance data feed based apps (ChebyshevTrendPro & MultiTrendPro family apps) are experiensing problems with intraday charts.
As soon as data feeds are the same Apple use for Stocks app we believe the data feeds will be fixed soon.
To the moment End Of Day (EOD) users should torn off "Recent daily data from intraday" switch.
Intraday data users could check IEX data feeds based apps.

New ChebTrendPro and cTrader API based fully functional ForEx trading iOS app is there at last! Double the power of Chebyshev Trend Pro for iPhone/iPad by pro IEX data feed now!
Double the power of Multi Trend Pro for Mac by pro IEX data feed now! Free 30 days trial version is available now!

That site is developed as the evolution of my ChebyshevTrendPro mobile app .
The main idea is to try to scan whole global market and find perspective symbols for profitable investment using Chebyshev polynomials based trend lines.
Now you can take the idea realisation and find all it's benefits.
Happy trading!

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