Wavelet Signal

Dear fellow Traders and all who are interested in stocks, FOREX pairs and other symbols movement,
You know me as a ChebyshevTrendPro, KalmanSignal, FourierPredictor and many other apps developer.
All the apps provide some innovative trending and prediction methods.
Many of you send me feedback that the methods are very usable for trending.
The last method I have provided was predictor based on Fourier analysis.
A lot of you wrote me that the method is highly accurate in overal. But some traders point me to more contemporary Waveelets method
As I understood wavelet is wave-like oscillation with an amplitude that begins at zero, increases and then decreases back to zero. Wavelet transforms may be used as filter for some continuous-time signals.
We could treat symbols' data as such signals and try to apply wavelet transform to them.
I have checked some transforms and try to use them as predictor and filter. I don't like predictor based on wavelets to the moment but seems filtering and trending could be useful.

Now you can try it for absolutely free during 30 days. Than you could decide is the method suitable for you or not.