Fourier Predictor

Dear All!
Everybody would like to look into the future to trade better, yes? And you can do it now with unique Fourier Predictor! The method is based on assumption the chart consists on periodic waves of different frequencies. Fourier analysis allows to find waves' frequency with most significant amplitudes and construct prediction based on them. And judging by backtesting it gives not bad results! So don't lose a chance to look into the future, simply download Fourier Predictor app and enjoy! You can download it for free and test it during 30 days trial period.
Than you could decide is the method suitable for you or not.

Other awesome features include:

  • Get daily, weekly, monthly or intraday charts for Yahoo Finance listed symbols;
  • Save stock symbols in a portfolio by groups
  • regular, logarithmic and Heikin-Ashi OHLC and candle stick charts
  • Comprehensive indicators set: up to 6 xMA lines, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Bollinger Bands and retracing, SAR, Price Channel and Elliott X-Waves;
  • Comprehensive oscillators set: MACD, Chaikin, BB%B, Slow and Fast Stochastic, RSI, CCI, ADX, MFI, Standard Deviation, Elliott Waves, QQE, Wiliams%R
  • Ability to adjust trend dates
  • Stocks and data sourced from Yahoo Finance website; realtime data sourced from GoogleFinance if available.

See what other users have to say about the app:

"So far, your program is proving to be very accurate. I have never encountered Fourier software with predictive indicators. I like the concept".
- David

"I trade forex and I use a few indicators to help me and a few websites. All my info was telling me last night that the GBP/JPY was in a SELL trend for the next 24 hours but your app was telling me to BUY. So going against it I placed a SELL and this morning when I woke up I checked the trade and to my surprise it was losing big time. If I had gone with what Fourier Predictor was telling me I would've won easily. I learned my lesson."
- Ismael