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New Chebyshev Trend Pro: YahooFinance ed. aka YTrend for Android is available for free 30 days test drive on Google Play now!

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Chebyshev Trend Pro - Google ed. is reviewed in Appliv!

Chebyshev Trend Pro uses Chebyshev polynomials to create trend lines against Yahoo Finance (daily/weekly/monthly) stock charts.
This innovative trending method is based on creating polynomials using a modified Gaussian least squares fit that essentially acts as a noise filter, removing random fluctuations from the chart data and finds the real underlying trend.
This main benefit of using this trending method is an almost complete absense of lag, when compared to moving average trends.
Chebyshev Trend Pro includes buy/sell signals based on the Chebyshev trend. A unique method has developed specially for app to provide these signals.
Trends can also be compared with classical MA & Bollinger Bands and Parabolic SAR indicators.
Other features include the ability to save stock symbols in a portfolio and adjust the trend dates.
You can use ChebyshevTrendLite and Chebyshev's trend, a free versions of the app, to test before making a decision to purchase Chebyshev Trend Pro.
Stock data is sourced from the Yahoo Finance website, plus Google Finance data feeds are used in intraday time frames if app can find them for the symbol of interest.
A data connection is required to access the Yahoo Finance website, however the app will perform best if a WiFi internet connection is available.

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I would like to recognise the following people who have helped me to make the app as useful as it is.
David Glanville, William Reid, Kexi Sun, Steven Craighead and Wayne Smith.
Thank you, your suggestions and help has been invaluable.

Special thanks also to:
- Ken Burkhalter for his invaluable notes & suggestions;
- Alon Hadar as an Supersignal inventor;
- Marcello Djunaidy. He offered to use Supersignal as an envelope for overbought/oversold indication.

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