Chebyshev Trend Pro - TradeKing ed.

Chebyshev Trend Pro is happy to provide you with professional data feeds and new exciting trading capabilities!
And NOW you can trade directly in the app! You can place Market Orders, Limit Orders, Stop Markets, Stop Limits and very popular Threshold Triggered Orders (TTO).
With Chebyshev Trend Pro, it is no longer necessary to enter an exact price to place an order, you can simply define price brackets with pinch gesture directly on the chart and correct them in the order form if necessary!
As a special offer, this awesome app is absolutely free for TradeKing customers who maintain a balance of $500 or more! If you do not have a TradeKing account, click here to see the benefits of having one.

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Check out some of Chebyshev Trend Pro’s features:

  • Puts an innovative trending tool in the palm of your hand
  • Uses Chebyshev polynomials to create trend lines against professional data feeds;
  • Get daily, hourly, 10 minutes or 1 minute stock charts
  • Trade using Market Orders, Limit Orders, Stop Markets, Stop Limist and very popular Threshold Triggered Orders
  • Enter price brackets visually with pinch gesture directly on the chart
  • The Noise Filter removes random fluctuations to provide the real trends
  • Complete absence of lag when compared with moving average trends
  • Includes buy and sell signals
  • Compare trends with classical MA and Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR and MACD, RSI, Chaikin and more (check manual at the support site for more details);
  • Save stock symbols in a portfolio by groups
  • Ability to adjust trend dates
  • Accessing web requires a data connection

See what other users have to say about the app:

Fantastic App

“...this app gives me “buy” and “sell” signals that make it so EASY... I’m not a day-trader, I just want to know when to be in the market and when to bail before the hammer comes down! If you follow the buy and sell signals, you will get all of the gains when a stock or mutual fund goes up and none of the losses when it goes down. This app is easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and it will keep you from holding on to a fund in those ugly downturns. Buy this app!”

- Porter

Super app

“Developer keeps making an already great app, better and better. This trend following app is highly accurate. Just super, enough said.”

- Brainal

Download the app today to see for yourself!